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Property is like liquor – the older it gets the higher is its value as any connoisseur of the epicurean attribution would vividly testify. And while our intention at Synerzi Land Base has never been to color the lenses of your spectacles with rose-tainted petal filters, there are, of course, a couple of hiccups of varying intensities along the way when property prices periodically dive down or experience a slight declivity in value; but the redeeming feature is that they always rise like a soaring eagle on an ascending wave of thermals, never entertaining, never acknowledging, never breathing the limits of restraint. The result, therefore, is always up and up and up. No wonder the common man refers to property as the best insurance money can buy. In fact this is the tagline for our expertise in property management: Synerzi – the best insurance money can buy.

SYNERZI Property Management Services

the best insurance money can buy

Welcome to the world of Synerzi. Let us begin by assuring you that we indeed understand your need for wise investments and the optimal multiplier effect that it will bring to you in terms of investments returns and within the shortest possible time frame, no matter what the size of your investment is. Why do we say that we understand this? Well, simply because we are investors ourselves and so we are indeed familiar with the pitfalls and potholes that assail the path of an innocent and unguided property investor. While India has some of the most commercially lucrative properties in the world, complexities in purchase, sale and government registration technicalities pose a formidable challenge to the seller and to the buyer of properties. Synerzi is a property assets management establishment that commands a wide ranging portfolio of experience, knowledge, honestly, transparency and precise communications in the field of property management which will enable you to successfully optimize the buying, selling, leasing, bank loaning and the mortgaging of your fixed and built up assets.  Yes, Synerzi has a wide ranging portfolio of property management.

While time is of essence and time is money, there is a time and place to invest your money in property which obligates you to make that perfect timing and perfect location-centeredness the core focus of your investment. Money will come and money will go – that’s part of life; time and its bundle of opportunities, however, comes your way but just once – it will never return, come hail or high water! A lost property investment opportunity will necessitate you to wait for the next billowing thermal to crest its wave before you can cash in – but an opportunity missed by then will have caused you to have suffered an opportunity lost in order to have made that much needed bonanza.  The question is: how long will you need to wait to make your next investment in order to cash in your dividends – how long will it be before the next thermal crests. It’s pretty obvious that there is a time to invest and a time to disinvest, a time to buy and a time to sell, a time to speculate and a time to idle, a time to lease and a time to seize. And this is why we, Synerzi Real Estate, is here to help you make that perfect optimal decision to invest in the right direction.

Synerzi Real Estate was established in 2008 as professional property management establishment in the heart of Haryana’s Millennium City. The company has been dedicated to providing the MNC circuit in the NCR with a sophisticated agenda for impeccable personal services. Synerzi also serves the young and senior IT professionals with their requirements for personal accommodation. In the past decade since its inception Synerzi has catered to the growing requirements of existing and new MNC and national business establishments in the National Capital Region (NCR). In the course of its 11 year career trajectory, Synerzi has been commended with a bouquet of accolades for its on-time performance, integrity, qualitative services and after sales performances, thereby making Synerzi one of the sought after estate management establishments in the NCR.

GETTING STARTED - the Base, the Beam and the Bandwidth

At Synerzi we believe that there is no Face without a Base – or putting it across to you in construction language, there is no Beam without a Team. Dear Client, we at Synerzi would like to tell you that we have the Base, we have the Beam and we have the Bandwidth. Our Base: our high-adrenalin charged, true-blue, well read, uncompromisingly loyal and no-nonsense, passel of research, analysis, communications sales and marketing personnel whose erudition in product and services solidly backbones our customer reach and customer responses activities. Our base team reaches out and responds to potential customers within and beyond the NCR to ensure that they received the ABC of our expertise, that is: Accuracy of Product Technicalities, Brevity of Product Explanation and Clarity of Product Communication. Our Beam comprises our well qualified architects and civil engineers who command more than two decades of hard core designing and construction work with some of the leading architecture and civil construction establishments as well as with some of the most demanding MNC clients in the country. Our Bandwidth – developing a close and intimate synergy towards aligning our Base and Beam in the right proportions to meet the requirements for property management to our spectrum of valued clientele, both big and small.

Our Vision

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