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SYNERZI Security

We are specialized in guarding, transport security, background verification, mobile monitoring, event security, executive protection and value added services such as: national command centre, quick response teams, risk management and audit/ assessments.


  • 1. We have a Pan India Presence – ‘We Are Where You Are’
  • 2. 24/7 Support Centre (01244361182) and Control Room
  • 3. QRT (Quick Reaction Team) to support during any emergencies
  • 4. Training Sessions by Expert Trainers Twice a Month on Every Site
  • 5. Best Statutory Compliant, PSARA registered, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • 6. Close Customer Connect through daily monitoring by our executives, tracked by GPS
  • 7. Regular Reporting Via Virtual Medial & personal Visits .
  • 8. Cost Effective Solutions within the desired budget by providing satisfactory client centric requirements.
  • 9. Proper Compliances and Audit Clearance Support
  • 10. Committed to Customer Service


Security Services

Sebeings specializes in providing armed and unarmed security services to the corporate and public sectors as well as to individuals and the hospitality and healthcare industries. We have the credentials to appoint well trained and active security personals to protect your assets and your family. With our security services, you can keep your premises safe and sound… our comprehensive range of security services include background verification, full and part time guard services, mobile monitoring, transport security, event security, executive protection and value added services such as: national command centre, audit/ assessments, quick response teams and risk management. We assist in quickly appointing PSOs, bouncers and security guards. We also provide high end security equipment like Walky-Talky, DFMD etc…

Cyber Security

We have acquired extensive experience and a thorough knowledge in providing our clients with high quality cyber surveillance and maintenance services – our services are specifically oriented towards Indian IT hubs, corporates and industries. This ensures that we manage your cyber surveillance smoothly and uninterruptedly. We offer our valued clients attractive prices for the regular maintenance of their cyber hubs, and this has resulted in our much stronger instant support for the security systems of our clients in comparison to previous years. We have a professional team of experts who provides assistance in maintenance as well as installation of CCTV Cameras, Access Control Systems and other Security Equipments which may be required by clients from time to time. As cyber security experts, we can also provide security of your data.



Security Guards Training

We train our security guards for 6 days. Our training rooms are equipped with state of the art security and training equipment e.g. metal detectors, fire extinguishers, and LCD projectors. Our training has been converted into powerpoint format and is delivered through LCD projector. Each and every security guard has to pass a certification exam end of the training.


Continuous Knowledge Updating of Security Personnel

Continuous knowledge updating of security guard is done through monthly newsletter given to each and every security guard every month.


Regular Client Feedback

Regular monthly feedback is taken from every client for each security guard and based on this feedback every security guard is given an incentive each month.


Own Vehicles

We have our own vehicles extensively used for day and night checks.


Regular Night Check

There are two dedicated night checking teams besides field officers and managers who conduct checks every night. Your post will likely be checked at least 4 times every week at night.



Monthly audits are done for all areas / routes by a team reporting directly to director and based on the audit performance incentives are given to field / route officers and managers. The team, audits turn out and maintenance of post registers.


Post-Duty Manuals

Post duty manuals are made for each and every post. They capture requirements specific to your post e.g. timings for switching on the pump. This helps when guards are replaced due to any reason.