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BUY / SELL / LEASE Commercial & Industrial Properties in

Gurugram , Manesar , Bhiwadi , Bawal 



Sale and purchase of properties calls for clear title deeds, authentic legal ownership and seamless transitions between buyer and seller through correct governmental procedures in the judicial system.The verification of property authenticity through competent advocates and court formalities prerequisites the procedures for the sale and purchase of private, commercial and institutional properties. At Synerzi, with our decade long experience in the byzantine world of legal, procedural,registration and property verification complexities, we have, over these years, strategically placed senior executives who regularly liaise with court and property registration officials in order to ensure flawless and tensionless procedures for buying and selling properties. Our customer feedback records in the past decade have recorded a 98% success rating in our advisory and executions of property transactions.Needless to say, Dear Client, we would certainly like to share our successes with you. So,the next timeyou think of properties, think of us! Think Synerzi! Call Synerzi!


This is another vital area that comprise our professional activities. Why to lease, When to lease, How to lease, Whom to lease to – these questions form the core thought processes agenda of a property owner or a tenant, both of whom wish to crest the wave of the burgeoning lucrative property business.Undoubtedly, the alluring beacons of lease and hiring attractions may seem simple, straightforward and assuring, but to a knowledgeable and experienced professional property management establishment like Synerzi, there is, veiled beneath the deceptive landscape of this simplicity and straightforwardness, the wolf in sheep’s clothing possessing the overwhelming complexity of transactional details: regulatory governmental and judicial clauses that, if not interpreted and executed correctly with the knowledge and experience of a mature and seasoned property management establishment, could bottle neck you in a never ending imbroglio of frustration and deep regrets.




Property Financing has become the hallmark characteristic of new mushrooming entrepreneuria ventures and “go-get-em” Start Ups – ventures that are fast changing the urban landscape into a newbusiness reality. Start Ups and new business ventures are also making deep inroads into rural heartlands that possess potential new business opportunities. Young MBA post graduates in their mid to late twenties are double promoting themselves and their careers by daring to make that intrepid leap into the unchartered waters of proprietary and partnering businesses, thereby making conventional employment careers look like dinosaurs straight out from the Jurassic era! The bare and dare is remarkable – the results, astounding! More than half of all new ventures and start ups and have crossed the 50% mark.Given the above emerging and encouraging business expansion scenario, it is obvious that financial loans is a major prerequisite towards the setting up of your business regardless of size and direction.


Any elementary school science student will tell you that the flexural appearance of a stick in a transparent tumbler of water is delusory to the naked eye; the fact that this appears to be so is due to the scientific phenomenon of angular refraction that occurs when a physical object passes from one medium to another. The length and linearity of the stick, however, continues to remain the same – obviously! In a similar vein, the deceptive simplicity of buying, selling, leasing and the execution of built-up properties has an imposturous angular refractive index. In other words, what you see is not what it is! The reason? Properties are contingent on the invasion of a multiplicity of governing factors, some big some small, which would nevertheless, sooner or later, result in long-term ramifications for your general investment in properties. It may, deceptively, seem that these factors are few and far between and hence manageable to a single buyer or partnering buyers to ensure lucrativeness in property investment. Unfortunately for the innocent and simple investor or investors this is not the case. These multiple factors, commercial and governmental, command a byzantine maze of government and land regulatory rules – regulations and conditions that call for the expertise and experience of an ISO certified property management establishment. Such contingent and varied factors pertaining to properties include location, buyer / seller identification and ownership authentication, legal and regulatory authenticity for sale, purchase and hire; prevailing and speculative future economy of the property location from the investment point of view, be it long or short term; advance information to the client as regards large high scale investments by government and / or large commercial business houses; ideal investment locations for young / middle aged and retired couples / families; sourcing of ideal locations for commercial and manufacturing establishments, etc.



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  • Regular updates on new properties, new property locations, new prices and new government regulations
  • Alerting you, buyer, seller or leaser about the latest up market value of properties
  • Regular invitations to property seminars with our Channel Partners
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