Facility Management Services

Horticulture Services

Synerzi has always been a staunch supporter of the Go-Green revolution that has, in these past three decades, fore-fronted the mind set of an environmentally conscious manufacturing and service industry. Often times, we are called upon by our valued clients to advise, counsel and guide them on the need for natural virescence in their work places. Synerzi has provided such work complexes as factories, commercial offices, hotels, airports, libraries, governmental institutions, etc., with stunningly variegated showcases of floral delights. The results have been extraordinarily successful where 95% of employee feedbacks have reported an appreciable increase in their work gratification. Synerzi employs a team of horticulture-qualified personnel who work under the direction of our specially appointed horticulturist. Our horticultural presentations include detailed architectural and topographical layouts through power point presentations and focused seminars specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements.

Technical Maintenance and Operations

Managing the day-to-day functioning of super-colossal work complexes is a daunting task for commercial establishments – outsourcing this important and necessary requirement is the answer to today’s post-industrial conglomerates. Synerzi’ s skills and expertise is aptly accoutred to meet head-on the challenges of critical and stringent technical maintenance operations that power mammoth commercial enterprises. In our decade long growth of know-how, experience and challenges Synerzi has indeed acquired the techno-commercial dexterity and flawless finesse to assure our clients’ interruption-free operations of their mechanical systems be it air-conditioning, heavy duty water pumps, elevators, conveyor belts, hydraulic lifts, large cranes, high intensity drill machines, etc., our punctual and friendly team of technical experts will ensure to redress all kinds of malfunctions that may at times plague an otherwise frictionless system of operations.

House Keeping

Ensuring hygiene maintenance in offices, factories, libraries, hotels, educational institutions, airports, hospitals, etc. is another vitally integrated service that Synerzi offers its clients in its overall holistic approach to good facility management. Our facility management services cover such potential maintenance services in such areas as sewage, kitchen, recreation rooms, gymnasiums, large aquariums, laundry, dirt removals using vacuumed and mechanical equipment, special application chemicals, disinfectants, surfactants, etc. Our objective is direct and straightforward – an absolute and uncompromising hygiene maintenance factor of an establishment’s complex right down to the smallest detail. As is our corporate and continuing culture, we employ a squad of experienced and skilled personnel to accomplish a wide gamut of housekeeping detail.


Manpower has been the backbone of synerzi’s professional services. This is because we believe that professional and skilled personnel are the foundational and greatest assets of any establishment worth its salt. We value our employees as much as we value the employees of our clients. We believe that just as it takes two hands to clap, so is the case with our clients’ employees and our employees. Therefore, we constantly ensure that there is total symmetry in thought process between us and our clients, which experience has shown to be true and sustaining. At Synerzi, we have a stringent implemental policy of thorough background checks in certified qualification and character of the people we employ or specially source for our clients in order to man their varied and multiple tasks. In addition, our employees or client-sourced personnel mandatorily conform to the highest standards of moral and ethical behaviours and we ensure this defining characteristic is accomplished through confidential background checks with their former employers and colleagues, and their reference sources and through police verifications.