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Message from the Director

It is my honoured pleasure to introduce you to Synerzi Real Estate. We are a Property Management company headquartered in Gurgaon with five branch offices. Synerzi was established in 2008 with the objective of providing the service and business sectors with an advanced level of property management services. In this past decade I am happy to bring to your kind attention that Synerzi has acquired a substantial clientele data base of MNCs, national establishments and working professionals for their requirements in offices, manufacturing and residential spaces. It is also my pleasure to tell you that we have had an overall client satisfaction rating of 98%, thereby making us one of the top ten property management establishments in the NCR.


I would like to share with you that the reason why our clients are thoroughly satisfied with us is because we have indeed provided them with an accurate, knowledgeable and holistic approach in their optimal search for properties, be it buying, selling or the leasing of properties. In addition, we are also known for our very friendly approach towards our clients. Yes, this is true because we go to great lengths to explain to our clients the multiple factors that go to make a successful sale, buy or leasing of properties. In fact many of our clients have told us time and again that Synerzi is like a course refresher because it teaches and updates them on new hot spot property investment locations, new builders, new architectures, new prices of land and built up properties. In fact we spend more time making friends with our clients than on closing deals – this is because, unlike the existing run of the mill mediocre real estate agents, we are broadly focused on developing personal relationships that will close many more deals in the weeks, months and years to come instead of being narrowly focused like our mediocre colleagues in looking narrowly at the current one or two deals that are in their hand and ignoring the potential before them. It is my experienced belief that the more we befriend our clients, the more satisfied clients we will have with us, and the more deals we will close. And this is what we have been doing for the past decade which has resulted in acquiring a huge data base of thoroughly satisfied clients. In fact, I would also like to tell you that our relationships with our clients do not end at the closure of the last deal. In fact we look at the last property deal as the beginning of many more deals and customer satisfactions to come our way. It has always been this and will continue to be so. 

So, Dear Client, what more can I say. If I told you everything as to how we have achieved the grades in our profession, the amount of client friends that we have made and the exciting possibilities that exist in the growing world of property investments, then you would not come to see me or my team for a chat and cup of coffee. So, Dear Client, why don’t you do just that! Just drop in for a chat about properties – even if you plan to buy, sell or lease a hundred years from now!